xatk doesn’t start or doesn’t work

Run xatk in the terminal and look at the output. Probably it is something wrong with your configuration. If there is no complains, and you have still no idea what is going on, run xatk in foreground:

$ xatk --no-daemon -vv

If it is still not clear, where the problem is, please create a bug report.

I have Python 2 installed but xatk doesn’t start

If your shell prints something similar to

/usr/bin/env: python2: No such file or directory

then probably your OS distribution doesn’t provide python2 symlink. The real fix is to convince maintainers of your distribution to provide python2 symlink as described in PEP 394. The temporary fix is obvious: you can either edit xatk file replacing python2 with your real python 2 executable name, or you can specify xatk path as command line argument to python 2 interpreter.